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...as in, takes too much time to fill out, when I should be doing homework...

Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch

? Available: ...for cooking, cleaning, emotional support, and bad puns. Looking for geeky/creative, competent single male with nice eyes. (SGC employment, TARDIS, or superpowers optional).
? Age: 19
? Annoyance: Slow internet connection on campus...
? Allergies: Dust and other assorted ticklish airborne particles. Kiwi pulp/skin.
? Animal: Plays the drums like no other! XD
? Actor: Musician, actually, but my best friend is an actress. ;D

? Beer: Smells like cold porta-potty in a mug.
? Birthday/Birthplace: Octubre, teh dawn of teh 90's, Californi-yay
? Best Friends: Are the ones who can survive a fight still caring, think about you even when you're not around, and make you like them by liking you first. You can never have too many of them!
? Body part on opposite sex: All people have elbows! Except for amputees. Even amputees of the opposite sex. Unless they are missing a leg, not an arm. Elbows are not as attractive or interesting, however, as noses or eyebrows.
? Best feeling in the world: A strong, warm night wind, just before or after spring thunderstorm.
? Blind or Deaf: A. get really cool dogs to lead them around, B. get to speak a way prettier language than most of us oral speakers.
? Best weather: Any weather is good weather. Exception: hot, dead air.
? Been in Love: Not in the romantic sense, no.
? Been bitched out?: Several times.
? Been on stage?: Ooohh yeah!
? Believe in yourself?: What does that mean? No one really seems to have a good answer, so I pretty much ignore that whole theoretical construct.
? Believe in life on other planets: There might be some really cool glowy bacteria out there! We have no idea!
? Believe in miracles: Uh... they happen. Yeah.
? Believe in Magic: I know that it exists, yeah, but I'm not a subscriber to the actual practice myself, no.
? Believe in God: Yes. Completely.
? Believe in Satan: Again with the vagueness of the word "believe"... he is, but I don't trust him as far as I can spit.
? Believe in Santa: which one?
? Believe in Ghosts/Spirits: I believe they exist, yes. You might have gotten that from the above questions.
? Believe in Evolution: Creation, Evolution, Revolution... powers of the universe, right there.

?Car: KITT!
? Candy: Is a stupid thing to name your child. No offense to anyone named Candy, but I would never force anyone to live their lives named after anything edible.
? Color: silver, copper, blue, and black
? Cried in school: A couple of times. Usually reserved for empty cafeteria corners and bathroom stalls.
? Chocolate/Vanilla: How about BOTH? Doesn't that just blow your mind?
? Chinese/Mexican: ?? I am neither, being a mishmash of Scots-Irish, Polish, English, Dutch, and probably some Russian.
? Cake or pie: Mmm....tough choice. I'll take both if I can get 'em, but neither with any kind of "fruity" filling (banana cream doesn't count, because bananas are good).
? Countries to visit: The world over! Except for Britain. Who wants to visit that boring little island?... (Just kidding! Just kidding! Don't shoot!)

? Day or Night: *copies Clocketpatch's answer for pure poetic goodness and coincidential agreement* You know that time, around 4AM, when everything is quiet, and the stars are just these sharp silver points, and the air is crisp, and then, out of the silence, a bird chirps, and then they all take it up, and then it starts getting lighter, and then, even before the sun comes up, you just, know... it's a new day, you've made it through the night, and maybe your problems are still there, but soon the sky will be painted and everything's a bit of okay, just because of that. (why yes, I do pull rather too many all-nighters)
? Dream vehicle: A fully-functional Puddlejumper would be so awesome. Especially if it was that one illegal time-travelling one... I would name it something cool, install a cot, and rig it for wireless internet.
? Danced: I do, but I don't have any illusions about being good at it. I just don't care very much. :D
? Dance in the rain?: Yes! Even better in early fall, when it's cool but not freezing and you can puddlejump barefoot!
? Dance in the middle of the street?: 've done that too... sometimes also in the rain.
? Do the splits?: When I was, like, 4, maybe...

? Eggs: Turn into cute little birdies!... or ugly nekkid birdies!
? Eyes: Uh... I don't remember. Kinda greenish, I think.
? Everyone has: blood, snot, and water.
? Ever failed a class?: Yes. It was not a pleasant experience.

? First crush: Michael W. Smith. I was 5.
? First thoughts waking up: Argh! Now I'll never know how that dream ends!
? Food: is an adventure. In sooo many ways.

? Greatest Fear: That I might unintentionally screw someone else up.
? Giver or taker: Don't ask me, ask my friends and associates.
? Goals: Survive college with a four-year degree. Finish my music vids/fics. Pay off my student loans. Lose 10 pounds.
? Gum: Strawberry Bubblicious = yummmmmm
? Get along with your parents?: I love them both to bits! And yes, I do think we get along quite splendidly.
? Good luck charms: are for superstitious sugar-junkies.

? Hair Colour: Brunette (is just another word for "brown". *sigh* )
? Height: ...I don't actually know?
? Happy: is tacked onto every "Chinese" restaurant on 82nd street.
? Holidays: should not be a source of stress. If it is, just cut the whole thing out and take a nap.
? How do you want to die: Like most people, I'd prefer that it not be slow and painful.
? Health freak?: WHERE? *ducks behind the couch*
? Hate: I would also say "people without empathy", but I really don't like using a word strong as "hate" for any human being, partly because of that empathy. Everyone has a reason for being like they are. I just have to accept that and focus my energy on more productive forms of antagonism, like studied avoidance or negotiation.

(In guys/girls)
? Eye Color: Any, really, but hazel is the most visually intriguing.
? Hair Color: A year ago, I would have said dark, but then I got this crush on a blonde guy...
? Height: At least as tall as me, please. No quiero awkward.
? Clothing Style: Non-specific. Just... don't dress in gross dead things like skulls, don't show off your legs if they're pale and furry and nasty... basically, maintain good personal hygiene and don't be really emo.
? Characteristics: Dude, everyone's different.
? Ice Cream: ...is tasty, but fattening and anti-nutritious?
? Instrument: The pianoforte is my first love! I also adore the sound of cello and would one day love to learn to play it.

? Jewelry: I own more than I wear, which isn't much, but still more than I need.
? Job: Everyone needs one! 0_0

? Kids: Tend to get awkward around me. Or maybe it's the other way around. I do want my own someday, though.
? Kickboxing or karate: Hey, Kung-fu starts with a K, too!
? Keep a journal?: Um... is this a trick question?

? Longest Car Ride: I'm pretty sure it's the one I don't remember. Ginormous commute before I was 2 years old.
? Love: is not only an emotion. It's a credo.
? Letter: F
? Laughed so hard you cried: Did I? At Twilight maybe. Thank God the guy next to me was in there against his will, too. XD
? Love at first sight: Has been known to happen.

? Milk flavor: tastes nasty if you forget to brush your teeth.
? Movie: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. American In Paris. Stardust. National Treasure.
? Mooned anyone?: Not intentionally, no.
? Marriage: Would be nice. But I'll be patient. No need to get anxious until I'm, like, 45 and still single.
? Motion sickness?: Occasionally, but there's no real rhyme or reason to why I get it.
? McD's or BK: Ewwwww.... neither. *choke* If it's gotta be fast food, it's gotta be Subway, Burgerville, Carl's Jr., or Arby's. That's it.

? Number of Siblings: 2
? Number of Piercings: Poking holes in oneself is not my idea of fun.
? Number: 9:00 AM

? Overused Phrases: Made of win. Made of...[fill-in-the-blank]
? One wish:
? One phobia: flat horizons (and yes, this is weird and I don't know if there's a name for it)

? Place you'd like to live: I'd like to have a month or so long stint in numerous locations around the globe, with enough money to buy safe food and afford a shower every day.
? Pepsi/Coke: make good chocolate floats
? Quail: have tasty eggs.
? Questionnaires: like this one, may be filled out in a text document over the course of several days.

? Reason to cry: I laughed sooo hard at that cakefic!
? Reality T.V.: Is surreal.
? Radio Station: 97.1 Charlie FM, 94.7 Alternative Portland, 105.1 the Buzz, 105.9 the Brew, Pandora Radio, last.fm
? Roll your tongue in a circle?: No, but I can fold it like a ruffle crisp. It feels weird.

? Song:
? Shoe size: Depending on brand - 7-9
? Sushi: Is so good!
? Skipped school: Rarely.
? Slept outside: In wet grass in all my clothes. Yes. Also fell asleep in a tree once.
? Seen a dead body?: No.
? Smoked?: No.
? Skinny dipped?: Not that I can remember, no. 0_0
? Shower daily?: Yes
? Sing well?: Yes! One of my few accomplishments in life.
? In the shower?: Oh yes. :D
? Swear?: Sometimes. I usually feel guilty/surprised at myself or apologize awkwardly after, though.
? Stuffed Animals?: I still sleep with a stuffed dinosaur.
? Single/Group dates: ...are how my parents met?
? Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries. Definitely.
? Scientists need to invent: A better bug repellent. Seriously. The mosquitoes and fleas haven't gotten the memo that stinky=no biting.

? Time for bed: When it's closer than the couch (or the floor).
? Thunderstorms: Are TOTALLY AWESOME and one of my favourite things in the world to watch/listen to. A complete thrill, plus they are usually accompanied by very pretty clouds, nice smells, and lots of wind. Squee!
? Touch your tongue to your nose? No.

? Unpredictable: But how could the beetles be so foolish as to invade Chile instead of a more follicularly amenable country? What is their true motive?
? Under the influence?: On a daily basis. (gulps tea)
? Understanding?: Can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

? Vegetable you hate: steamed "baby" carrots. Because they're naked of any good flavor or texture and lack the nutritional value of regular raw carrots with the skin on (which, in contrast, I like quite a bit).
? Vegetable you love: yu choy, celery, parsley, cabbage, spinach, parsnips, and homegrown tomatoes!
? Vacation spot: Somewhere facing the ocean and some mountains/hills at your back.

? Weakness: Being easily distracted, scaring people by absently wandering off from travel groups/companions. I also have a weak respiratory system. Colds and flus go straight to my lungs.
? When you grow up: I would like to still have friends. That would be cool.
? Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Like I'd be able to tell you? Ask my family who I act most like, and that one'll probably be true both ways.
? Who makes you laugh the most: The folks on DbyA, they're fantastic. ;D
? Worst feeling: Knowing that you've done something wrong and there's no way to fix it
? Wanted to be a role model?: It's pretty inevitable, don't you think? Everone influences someone in the course of their lives. I didn't want to, per se, but I try to do a good job for my siblings and friends.
? Where do we go when we die: That is really a matter of personal choices, isn't it?
? Worst weather: Hot with no wind.
? Walk with a book on your head?: Wh... what kinda crazy do you think I am? Sheesh. *mutters* Walk with a book on my head...yeah...

...everyone knows you carry plates on your head. Duh.

? X-Rays: Make great pets!

? Year it is now: That is grammatically incorrect. Yes. It is a year now, unless we have become trapped in a temporal loop.
? Yellow: I don't know the lyrics.

? Zoo animal: Since walking sticks are not technically animals, I will say... birds of prey! (Because our zoo is so cool) My favorite is the golden eagle. They have fruit bats, lorakeets, and naked mole rats, too.
? Zodiac sign: DO NOT WANT! *runs for 13 Bannerman Road*

Date: 2009-12-06 09:43 pm (UTC)
clocketpatch: A small, innocent-looking red alarm clock, stuck forever at 10 to 7. (Default)
From: [personal profile] clocketpatch
Nice! It's so much fun to read the responses to these.

Date: 2009-12-06 09:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] primsong.livejournal.com
This was amazingly looong, must have taken you forever - we all sat here and were greatly amused by some of the answers, even though stopping with petting and starting typing has now made the cat abandon my lap.

The Bro says "X-rays make great pets?"

Date: 2009-12-07 03:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] everloyal.livejournal.com
Oh, but they do!



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