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Have avoided posting simply because it would have degraded into a stream of life ramblings. But much has happened since my last visit to the ol' Journal Live, little of it significant to the geek community, although I did get a couple of wicked pieces of fanart up on Deviantart!


So... that's all I've got at the moment. I have been out of the loop on most of my fandoms for a while...

Need to get the sewing machine set up so that I can make moar cool stuffz!

Hugs to the f-list! <3 I have not forgotten you all, despite being pressed for time (like a mummy)!
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Thank you Youtube for stealing another three hours of my life.

Ben and Jamie get whumped! There is dancing, humour, betrayal, and Two + Polly as an unstoppable team!

This is my new favorite episode! ^_^

And Two... Ah, I adore Troughton's Doctor so much - and escpecially after recently peeking into some of the Tenth Doctor's novels. I'm sorry, NuWho fans, but there is NOTHING awe-inspiring about Ten that isn't outshown millions of times stronger in the Second Doctor.

Oh, and the Macraaaaaaa! (because they're just that amusing, even when attacking Jamie in a poisonous-gas-filled mineshaft -- why can't they come up with this sort of creative complexity in modern television? *sigh*)
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Annie: No more funny stuff?
Sam: Funny stuff?
Annie: You know, the whole...time-travel, out-of-body experience thing.
Sam: Well, I went to see Doctor Who and he prescribed me some pills, so...

*dies of LOL*

(The Master could use some CHILL PILLS!)


Jan. 12th, 2010 01:23 am
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Aaaaaa! They got 10 to say "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!"

*has mad attack of geek-flail*

Youtube Link

Pure crack. In a good way! Oh, I'm gonna miss Ten.

(And as for the Doctor's musical abilities... um... not sure what to say here, except that he hasn't gotten better with age. Might have more luck with a recorder...) ^_<

I wish I could have been at the event they filmed this for!
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Amidst a swamp of pre-finals work, I have dug up many an old text document in the dusty corners of my computer's hard drive. Many of these are random snatches of fanfic or plot outlines and such...

I am completely resigned to the fact that most of them will never be written, not by me at least. But I can't quite throw them away, so I had an idea.

Warning - LONG post! ) Like I said, you can change the fandoms around, so even if you have never seen Early Edition or aren't into Stargate, there are possibilities there, I hope. ;)

(Many, many surprised happy hugs to whoever managed to read all of that)
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Beige Puppy! *huggles*

Taking a break from homework stress. I checked up on LJ and Facebook, and suddenly thought... "I should make more Fivey icons!" Unfortunately, my conscience kicked me back into submission, so I am posting this instead as a sort of I O U.

Back to work...
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The average human adult produces 1,020 ATP molecules per second. One molecule of glucose stores 90 times the amount of chemical energy than one molecule of ATP, and the average adult stores thousands of glucose and glycogen molecules in the body at any given time.

If the energy stored in each of those molecules were released all at precisely the same moment, we would be totally incinerated!

Who says there's no scientific basis for spontaneous combustion? 0_0

(Next time... on)


"This new machine he's created... It's a Metabolic Reductor."
"Is it dangerous, Doctor?"
"Yes, Jo. This weapon can reverse the chemical processes of the human body."
"What do you mean?"
"Every cell in your body stores energy. It keeps you alive. Now imagine every bit of energy in your body released at precisely the same instant."
"You'd be vaporized!"
"Yes, Jo."
"Why that's terrible!"
"That's why they've got to be stopped."

etc etc...
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Fiiive won't get out of my heeeead!

Shoo! I don't have any of your episodes and you're driving me nuts!

My fic has ground to a squelching halt. A big part of this is un-writing every sentence in which I try to hurt Five. I instantly feel like I'm abusing a small puppy and must delete the paragraph.

GAH! Curse your adorable owie-face, Peter Davison!

*smacks Ten around a bit more*
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This is pretty simple, but it was an adventure to make! It's my first truly successful bento, really. Which is kinda sad, I guess, but I'm thrilled all the same. ^_^

Continued on page 4A ''Bento and the Monsters of Time'' )
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Okay, so I haven't made it yet, but I am planning Whovian geek!bento some time this november, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas or suggestions. Materials, pictures, whatever...

Right now I've only got two plans - A Three/Jo bento with eggplant and coconut (with TARDIS dessert), and a veggie-chicken Sgt. Benton bento (because it had to be done) with an alien monster dessert.

They will not be in plastic containers, because I don't want a Nestene consciousness interrupting my dinner.

Any ideas? Good recipes? Bentos you want to see?
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ac-ti-vate the mag-ne-tron!


Happy Halloween everyone!


"It's worse than that, Jim, his brain is gone!"

^^^^ No one can say it quite like DeForest Kelley.
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I just did the dumb and tried to pull two all-nighters in a row...

Doesn't work so great. I passed out in the living room some time around 5 this morning and thankfully my roomie was noisy enough to wake me up an hour before my first class.

On the bright side, I have amassed about 30 pages of solid handwritten notes on Talcott Parsons. My Sociology professor will be so proud (I hope). This essay is going to be epic, if that can be said of an essay on a dead sociologist and proponent of outmoded theories.


I hope no one else wanted to write about him, because I managed to check out every book the school library had that even mentioned the guy.

Mrg. Brain finally decided that 3 hours-ish is not enough sleep to account for 48 hours of school and houseework. (Not entirely true - I did take a break to shower yesterday and spent an hour working on my explodey multi-chapter Doctor Who fic)...

Feeling strangely content at the moment, despite realizing that rationally I should be a big stressy mess right now. Yum. Thanks for the chocolate, Mom. 'Tis good. (and full of chili peppers, which proved inspirational, since the Master will be wearing one on his lapel in the aforementioned fic)

And now, it is time to go hem a dress. I wish all my friends the very best in their weekly pursuits.

This is Ev, signing out. ;D
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Why do I keep crushing on character old as my dad (or my grandpa...)? Am I just destined not to have a relationship until I'm, like, 40?

Anyways - with apologies to Jack O'Neill, I have replaced my "smirky hot older guy" icon with Jethro Gibbs.

Shocking, I know. But he's just made of so much awesome I couldn't help it!

Not that anything's happening to my background RDA fixation. *pokes MacGyver icons* ;)

Now - I have an empty space. Perhaps Jon Pertwee?

(Real Life PostScript: I had a talk with my roomie and we're...mostly cool now... No worries.)


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