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So, I'm having an insane end of term. Two teachers whacked off finals week last minute and bumped everything in to the week just before. So next week is essentially my last, even though the term's not technically out.


Anyways - it's been insane trying to essay like mad to make up for lazy instructors... but enough of that rant. The point is my brain's about ready to fall out of my head and I was literally punching things in my room with cabin fever this afternoon.

So I finally broke down and went out to see Wolverine tonight. It was last-minute, so I got there (thanks for the ride, Mom!) half an hour before the last showing and decided to peek in on another movie until my show started. Night at the Museum 2 was starting, so that was a nice diversion, and I figure that it might be worth renting once its out on DVD, although I wouldn't pay $10 to see it in theaters.

Wolverine was epic, by the way. I only have a vague secondhand knowledge of the X-men universe beyond the movies, so from some of the reviews I've read that may have helped me to enjoy it more. Well, that and I was severely stressed out. Watching lots of stuff blow up and people out to kill each other, etc, etc was kind of therapeutic. Weirdly.

Plus, the special effects were sweet, there were lots of moments that made me laugh (if not all traditionally funny), and some fun cameo-ish parts with other recognizable characters. Oh yeah - and I officially want that soundtrack. All in all, it was a total blast, and now I have the strong desire to go read masses of fanfic before bed.

I feel odd saying it, but I actually feel sort of refreshed.

Not gonna think about more work until tomorrow. ;D
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So we were talking about "The Trickster" figure in mythology class today. This was followed by a discussion of the modern "Anti-hero". Spent half of the class thinking about Gambit.


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