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Watched Hidalgo... Feeling exceptionally poetic - I think I'll go write something.

In the meantime - I have a pretty for you. It's a wallpaper I got all excited and made now that Dad has gotten Photoshop transferred to my new (okay, so not so new anymore) laptop. ^_^ Soooo happy!

Anyways, here it is. Compilation of a few pics from my cellphone and a bunch of digital paint. It's comes in HQ and lowQ:

Low Quality

High(er) Quality

Enjoy, ja?
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Exactly what it says in the header - a lot more Classic than New Who, but it's sort of an even mix.

I've made a new wallpaper (3rd Doctor), so that's in here with assorted new and old LJ icons for Two, Three, Four, Five, Nine, Ten, and a coupla baddies.

Oh yeah, and I thought I'd throw in some old David Tennant ones (and a wallpaper) I made a while back (they're redundant, but here for the sake of easy archiving).

This link is bigger on the inside. )

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Well, it's been a while since I posted graphics on here, so this includes any wallpapers and icons I've made since last post. Again - thumbnails for the wallpapers, so no undue worrying about the fact that there are 6 of them.

Icons include: 12 SGA (either Rodney or some random minor ship), 2 cats, and 1 miscellaneous.

Wallpapers include: 1 Connor Trinneer (aka "Trip" aka "Michael"), 4 SGA Shippy wallpapers (all of which include McKay...go figure), and 1 generic SGA wallpaper.

There be iconage and so forth under yon lj-cut. )
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Okies - it's been a while since I posted a bunch of wallpapers, so here are all the ones I've made since the last batch (save the one I posted two days ago).

There's one Farscape one (Moya) and one POTC one (first movie), and a random flower one, but they're mostly SGA - actually, I think I've posted one of the Beckett ones before...

No matter. It's all under the cut, with thumbnails as usual. Enjoy! ;)

Aaaaaand CUT! )
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Alrighty, then! I have... a graphics post!


This time consisting of 20 icons (HSM, 21 Jump Street, SGA, DH, Trip Tucker, Dr. Who...)

And a wallpaper.

This is a very special wallpaper, mind you. It's a wallpaper I promised to make for fififolle a while back and then promptly forgot about. So - apologies for the late delivery. Hope you like. ^_^

I also have a few other wallpapers that I haven't yet posted. I'll probably get to those some time tomorrow or perhaps Friday. *looks at clock, scratches out Friday and writes "the day after that", resolves to stop staying up after midnight*

Well then. Moving on to the Midnight Avatar Splat. )
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I decided to put all the wallpapers I've made so far in one post, just to kind of organize...

And don't worry: I've got thumbnails, not fullsize pictures, under the cut!

Shiny Backgrounds in here )


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