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Any time you feed them fandom, they multiply endlessly! For some poeple, this would also apply to writing of some sort... not to me. *sigh*

Actually - these are all old stuff from back when I was marathoning on X-files (3 months ago or so...), although only one of them (the REALLY horribly cheezy animated one) actually relates to that fandom at all...

And there's a Moulin Rouge one, several versions of a Susan banner (Chronicles of Narnia), one for Jewel Staite, a generic winter banner, and one for the overused angel photoshoppage...

*resists the urge to stop mid-post and make a batch of TARDIS icons*


Stuff in here... Come on, you know you want to! )

Banner Post

May. 8th, 2007 10:59 am
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These are not all recent productions, but I noticed that I hadn't actually posted many of my banners - they're just sitting around on photobucket getting dusty.

As usual, I'm starting with the Stargate ones and will post others later.

So I hope someone can find a use for one or two of these - personal, board header, roleplay, sig, I really don't care. If you like it, take it!

Somewhat kinda nifty but mostly just okay banners... )

I'll probably make some much prettier ones later. Like I said, these are mostly older... and it shows. I've become much more adept with photoshop by now.

BTW - if you have a banner request of any sort (and I can promise it will look better than the ones in this post) relating to SG-1, Alantis, LOTR, Narnia, MR, or miscellanous stuff (flowers, cars, whatever)... trust me. I love requests, and I'd be happy to give anything a shot.


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