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Served hot chocolate to the homeless tonight! It was pretty cool. It's great finding so many kind and genuine people forming their own community, surviving. It makes me want to do more to help them, especially after hearing so many stories and seeing how thankful they were for something as simple as something hot to drink. I will definitely be going back out with the street ministry group on campus.

I also started back up at [livejournal.com profile] 100poems. Life is a little bit crazy right now, in many good ways, but also a few more confusing ones that still need to work themselves out...

Anyways, poetry is a good way to get stuff out there, so... you all will now have the opportunity to read a daily poem of wildly varying quality for the next 100 days! No worries. I'll put it under a cut so it doesn't spam your flist.
(Also, don't worry if they're terribly emo. It isn't necessarily a reflection on my personal/current state-of-being.)

Day One, Poem 1/100 )
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Made hand-roll sushi last night. White rice, cider vinegar, celery, carrot, and cream cheese.

Yummm. I refridgerated them and cut them this morning for today's bento. Sadly, I have no pictures, but they were very tasty and filling. Proud of my first time making sushi. (Thank you, Youtube!)


Also, I found/modified a very good recipe for quick, relatively healthy, chocolate chip cookie-ish things. I had no eggs, butter, time, an oven that works, or an electric mixer... but I think they turned out very good. I'll post the recipe later tonight. (Once I figure out what it was! LOL)

Oh yeah, and random song lyrics which I feel obligated to post because I stole some of them from Clocket's evil subconscious.

I am not normally this creepy )


May. 22nd, 2009 02:14 am
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I rediscovered poetry on my hard-drive. It's titled "Serenity" (Yo! Onono!) and was lumped in with a bunch of boring five-liners (for a writing class). It would almost seem selfish of me to like my own poem, except that it's been so long that it's in no way familiar to me now. :D

Yaaay! Firefly-inspired surrealism! Totally River's fault, BTW...

Overly symbolic much? )
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A poem inspired by my Graphic Design project (representing Art Nouveau, specifically advert posters)...but that's really not relevant to this poem in any way...

Lithograph Print

Dress yourself like a sergeant at sea
In that old oil painting upstairs
Laces and wax
Tucked into a waistcoat
And bundled over with heavy stained blue

We turned the attic into our hideaway
Couldn't afford not to, given the cold
But the neighbors downstairs
Kept the furnace on, seeping.
We pulled out the frayed prairie quilts

Dig some suspenders out of a box,
Laugh - it might come in useful
I find a dress
Hidden away in flowers
It swirls over my form like water, you gaze

Unbury old suitcases, a lonely matchstick
We'll use it to light these poems
The neighbors have left
Chill sweeps our fingers
We huddle beside a pan of burning rhymes

Lithograph prints cast a shine on the wall
One is a cat, one a bicycle man
Crumbling, rust-tacks
Pinned in two corners
And falling together, worn to perfection

Like we two whisper
Away in the night

I know I'm not usually one for "free form" poetry, but it seemed to suit this particular one.


Dec. 17th, 2008 01:53 pm
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Posted to [livejournal.com profile] 100poems


She shines in the light of the moon
Falls dead by the heat of the sun
The dust coats her face
In blood and disgrace
This day has only begun

The streets beat her heart into night
The only place she would see dawn
Is the turn of the skies
See the stars light her eyes
Staring up, with the needle half gone

She shines in the light of the moon
Her hair tumbles into the ash
Fingers bruised and abused
Every avenue used
And a letter tucked into her sash
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I said I'd be back. Livejournal has been annoyingly magnetic tonight. Since, as I mentioned earlier...kelp. (Stupid oceanography class)

Thankfully, graphics, poetry, vids, and memes are all nice ways of de-stressing.

So here are 5 P&P icons... and a poem. Because poetry is cool.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Poem is thisaway...I Dream )
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Well, I looked back over my pathetic post-count for the past year and realized that I don't actually use my livejournal to just write about my life. I use it to spam people with graphic art they probably weren't too interested in anyway and occasionally write a meme or a movie response.

The result, of course, is that I apparently have a new fandom every other post and no one really knows who I am because I don't talk to them.

Kinda like my real life, actually.

Anyways - I am resolved to journal.

*thinks about this for a while*

Um... today we went to a restaurant called "The Spicy Pickle". It was pretty amusing - they had odd pickle-related facts on the plates. My NaNoWriMo attempt died a choking, gurgling death on paper because I never felt like typing anything up and then the characters got lost in a sea of misdirection.

Also - I decided that my Oceanography project will either be about Kelp or Sea Urchins. Yay.


On second thought, I'm no good at journalling. Here's some song lyrics I'm working on. The chorus keeps changing on me, usually depending on how warmed up my hands are when I'm playing the piano.

I'm undone by an empty room
By facing my mortality, I
Made a promise to be whole
I made a new discovery
That you care more for my life
Than I care, so you give your life
For me to remember
And to live with my curiosity

We won't miss the end of ages
We won't be there standing, waiting
Sing it out, anticipating

Knocking on a door to somewhere
What's the reason, what's the answer
Talk to me and question
Every backtrack
And maybe when the locks are broken
You might come for me in the night
Cut off my excuses
I always let you enter

We won't miss the end of ages
We won't be there standing, waiting
Sing it out, anticipating
...Earth will cry out

Listen to me, Listen to him
Listen to me, Listen to him
Listen to me listening
Hold on to every word

We won't miss the end of ages
We won't be there standing, waiting
Sing it out anticipating


So... whaddaya think? Is that better than "Ooh, look! More icons for a fandom that I actually forgot to tell you about going through! (various Jane Austen adaptations) And by the way I'm obsessed with X-men and steampunk now!"

Okay, that little quote there would be true. But it would also be boring and, I suspect, slightly annoying.

Thus spake the banana to the electromagnetic pulse generator.
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Anybody in the mood for a nonsense poem? I have only one thing to say before your read this: every word of the following has been found, at some point, in a real English dictionary.


1 higglehaggling flibbertigibbet
Went huggermuggering the scribbledehobble.
2 zigzagging chugaluggers went a-guggling,
With riffraff and chiffchaff and econobabble.


3 gaggling gogglers
Giggled and hobnobbed
In woolloomooloo
With a toomatoogooroo
They gagged and they goggled

Brandysnap whippersnapper
Pentapopemptic unpropped

Slipperslapper williwaw
Swallowwort waterwaw
Shahanshah - Ha!


A poem...

Jun. 12th, 2007 08:24 pm
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Since I didn't finish the challenge *cough*finals*cough*... I'm posting all of the poems from [livejournal.com profile] 100poems onto my regular journal, probably one every few days. Feel free to comment! Please! ^_^

Two Crows

I espy from the outskirts
Of the dustblown pasture
Two crows.

See one dance a cocky jig
To, fro, and about a jagged rock,
Having plucked for himself a morsel,
Stale and salty, from the ground.

But in a tremulous croak,
A single misstep, his presence
Is betrayed.

At once, see how he is set upon by his fellow-
And weaving up in the poplars,
See how they swoop about
Their treacherous chase.

One is too swift,
The other too nimble.

And the dastard crow
Falls under the futile beat
Of his own wings.

At every dive, he is thwarted
From above, then stabbing upward
From below.
See how each time
He overshoots?

Again he turns, again, again
He dips and angles his wings
Sharp into the air,

But at last
Sinks to the ground,
His quarry lost,
And in the end,

Having gained nothing.
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I've been posting poetry on the 100poems community, and after posting this I found that I quite liked it, so I figured "How 'bout I share it on the main journal?"


This is something of a tribute to James Merrill, and specifically inspired by the style of his poem "Charles on Fire", from which I actually borrow my favorite line directly (part of a challenge to include both a line from a particular poem within the inspired piece as well as a reference to the author in the title).

And I'm certain I haven't been the only one to suffer through those droll family reunions in which half of those present hardly know the other half, or perhaps know them to the point of complete disinterest... I suppose that I ought to stop rambling and give you the poem, eh?

1962 Water Street Reunion

In the interim which followed
Andrew's green falsetto,
We slipped off to the buffet table
With a great deal more finesse
Than generally possible in any
Sorry proximity to such odd fish as blood relations.

Artful small talk eddied from
Pinched face to pinched face, lacking
Contextual depth, but certain insights, no doubt
Regurgitated after a good decade's stewing.
"Without your intellectual and spiritual
Values, man, you are sunk,"
An uncle piped thinly.

Only fragments of ridiculously inconsistant
Philosophy winnowed their
Way round the kitchen corner.
I sighed.
"Maybe some things
Shouldn't be said." I mused,
Noncommittal shrugs were offered in return.

The creaking of folding chairs
Didn't offer much warning
But the talk stopped.

I sighed, eying up Andrew's pickle-green shirt
And assembled a selection of
So-called Hors-d'ovres.


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