Nov. 17th, 2006 01:15 am
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My first scanned doodle - DoodleGate: Atlantis!

It's a really big picture, so I've put it behind the cut )

Also, if anyone has the ability to make music videos... I have a list of vid concepts I wish I could make but can't. Anyone feel like a challenge or two?


+ Malcolm - Arrogant Worms: Mal...sorta. Lots of gunnery. Jayne "calling up his Mom" (crossover w/SG1? "Daniel solves his problems" SGA? "Drugs and alchohol")
+ Jesus to Jack Daniels - Tom T. Hall: Mal
+ Rosemary Recalls - The Man From Snowy River: Wash, Wash/Zoe sadness
+ Farther Away - Evanescence: Mal/River, Mal and Crew, Mal/Serenity (War Stories, Serenity, Serenity/BDM, Safe)
+ Psychobabble - Frou Frou: River
+ Weight - Sarah Slean: Simon, Angst (River)
+ Caught in a Dream - AIK: River (Serenity/BDM focus)
+ Does Anybody Hear Her - Casting Crowns: River
+ I'll Stay With You - Goo Goo Dolls: Simon (verse 1 - River, verse 2 - Kaylee, the rest - both, end shot BDM 'Silee w/River-peeking')


+ Cry for the Desert - Twila Paris: Daniel/Sha're
+ Don't Let Go - Josh Groban: Daniel/Sha're
+ Never Will I Break - 3 Doors Down: Jack (S1-S7)
+ Let There Be Guns - The Arrogant Worms: Team, Weaponry, Everybody
+ Gonna Buy Me A Dog - The Monkees: Jack (humor, S1-S8)
+ Landing in London - 3 Doors Down: Jack/Team (100 Days, Abyss, Paradise Lost, Nemesis, Divide & Conquer, Redemption, Shades of Gray)
+ The Dumbing Down of Love - Frou Frou: Sam/Jack
This Just Doesn't Seem to Be My Day - The Monkees: Jack/Sam/Pete (Jack POV - humorous)
+ Photograph - Nickelback: Daniel (Movie-S7 ~ Movie, Pilot, Forever in a Day, Meridian, Homecoming, Lost City)


+ The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks: McKay/Weir, "The Storm", "The Eye" (Just a touch o' Shep, too)
+ Hero - AIK: Team bravery, Action, Angst (S1-S3)
+ Eurydice - Sleepthief: McKay/Weir ("depths of an ocean", Grace Under Pressure/Pre-GUP, Rising, Siege)
+ Falling By The Wayside - The Latebirds: Teyla/Sheppard (Teyla's stew..."I like your cooking", Lighthearted)
+ Then There's None - David Hopkins: McKay, Sheppard (friendship/broken friendship - sarcastic tone)
+ Sublunar - Sleepthief: Elizabeth
+ The Chaffeur - Sleepthief: Teyla/Ronon, Teyla/Sheppard, McKay/Weir, General (Atlantis & Jumper shots)
+ Iris - Goo Goo Dolls: McKay/Weir (McKaycentric)
+ Desire of Ages - Sleepthief: Teyla/Ronon, Action (S1 Teyla + FlashbackRonon - "Sateda", then S2/S3 Teynan)
+ Remember When It Rained - Josh Groban: McKay/Weir (Letters From Pegasus, Storm/Eye, Siege, Hide and Seek)
+ Kiss to Savor - Sleepthief: Sheppard/Teyla
+ Real Life - 3 Doors Down: "The Real World", "Home", "Progeny" (Weircentric?)
+ Caught in a Dream - AIK: Team, Wraith, Action (Hiveships, Michael, Shep & Queen/Sumner & Queen kneel overlay)
+ Trust Me - The Fray: McKay, Sheppard, Beckett, smidgen o' Weir,Teyla,etc (Trinity & Post-Trin)
+ Two Lights - Five for Fighting: onesided McKay/Weir (McKay) ~McWeirShep triangle (one verse on Ford "He was young, only 23...")


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