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Have avoided posting simply because it would have degraded into a stream of life ramblings. But much has happened since my last visit to the ol' Journal Live, little of it significant to the geek community, although I did get a couple of wicked pieces of fanart up on Deviantart!


So... that's all I've got at the moment. I have been out of the loop on most of my fandoms for a while...

Need to get the sewing machine set up so that I can make moar cool stuffz!

Hugs to the f-list! <3 I have not forgotten you all, despite being pressed for time (like a mummy)!
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Still up, kept hoping Alex would come back tonight.

No luck.

The whole apartment complex feels very empty. At home Dad was always up at these hours, and I would hear occasional movement - someone going to the bathroom, something.

It used to bug me. Now I'm kind of wishing these walls weren't so sound-proofed.

Gah. Should stop reading fanfic and get some sleep.

But this is a bloody amazing crossover.
Browncoat, Green Eyes

River/Harry FTW!

(and possibly Peeves/hyperdrive if your feeling cracky)
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I think I have a submission for FAIL Blog.

So, I couldn't find the DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but I've been going through all of the movies before I hit the theater some time this week (I hope) for # 6...

Anyways - I gave up looking for it and figured "Well, hey! Someone must have posted it online anyways" and started hunting.

I found a pirate upload on Tudou.

Part one is here... but to my astonishment and great amusement, they had uploaded it with the FBI warning intact!

Somehow I get the feeling that the uploader either cannot read English (noting the Chinese subtitles)... or they appreciate the irony.

Anyways, I thought that deserved at least an honorable mention for Fail.

Even if it does out me as, if not aiding, at least abetting criminal activities. 0_0


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