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Amidst a swamp of pre-finals work, I have dug up many an old text document in the dusty corners of my computer's hard drive. Many of these are random snatches of fanfic or plot outlines and such...

I am completely resigned to the fact that most of them will never be written, not by me at least. But I can't quite throw them away, so I had an idea.

Warning - LONG post! ) Like I said, you can change the fandoms around, so even if you have never seen Early Edition or aren't into Stargate, there are possibilities there, I hope. ;)

(Many, many surprised happy hugs to whoever managed to read all of that)
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Fiiive won't get out of my heeeead!

Shoo! I don't have any of your episodes and you're driving me nuts!

My fic has ground to a squelching halt. A big part of this is un-writing every sentence in which I try to hurt Five. I instantly feel like I'm abusing a small puppy and must delete the paragraph.

GAH! Curse your adorable owie-face, Peter Davison!

*smacks Ten around a bit more*
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I just did the dumb and tried to pull two all-nighters in a row...

Doesn't work so great. I passed out in the living room some time around 5 this morning and thankfully my roomie was noisy enough to wake me up an hour before my first class.

On the bright side, I have amassed about 30 pages of solid handwritten notes on Talcott Parsons. My Sociology professor will be so proud (I hope). This essay is going to be epic, if that can be said of an essay on a dead sociologist and proponent of outmoded theories.


I hope no one else wanted to write about him, because I managed to check out every book the school library had that even mentioned the guy.

Mrg. Brain finally decided that 3 hours-ish is not enough sleep to account for 48 hours of school and houseework. (Not entirely true - I did take a break to shower yesterday and spent an hour working on my explodey multi-chapter Doctor Who fic)...

Feeling strangely content at the moment, despite realizing that rationally I should be a big stressy mess right now. Yum. Thanks for the chocolate, Mom. 'Tis good. (and full of chili peppers, which proved inspirational, since the Master will be wearing one on his lapel in the aforementioned fic)

And now, it is time to go hem a dress. I wish all my friends the very best in their weekly pursuits.

This is Ev, signing out. ;D
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We were speaking English, I swear!

"UST is as essential to flangst as whumpage is to a good H/C, unless the source of angst is outside of the ship, OT3, etc. Arguably, some H/C fic doesn't actually include character whump or physical injury, but just focuses on the aftermath of a canon event. And then there's crossovers to avert character death... but I'm getting off topic..."

"You forgot about RST."

"Okay, so I'm ignoring RST, violent smut, and canon ships which are inherently angst-ridden, but still..."

"Can I put in a word here for dark crackfic?"

"It exists?"

"Okay, so most of them are lemons."

"You read lemons?"

"You read that PWP I sent you."

"Yeah, but I don't spend my time reading crossover slash. That's just...ew. I'm not even getting into that argument right now, though, so... "

"That's not fair. I don't just do M/M pairings. I also like some het and teamfic. And my OTP isn't slashy."

"Yeah, well, stop claiming that every ship I like is AU and I'll put some gen drabbles in your stocking. How's that?"
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Still up, kept hoping Alex would come back tonight.

No luck.

The whole apartment complex feels very empty. At home Dad was always up at these hours, and I would hear occasional movement - someone going to the bathroom, something.

It used to bug me. Now I'm kind of wishing these walls weren't so sound-proofed.

Gah. Should stop reading fanfic and get some sleep.

But this is a bloody amazing crossover.
Browncoat, Green Eyes

River/Harry FTW!

(and possibly Peeves/hyperdrive if your feeling cracky)
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I actually have a fic post! *shock* Wow!

As usual, it's only a pathetic oneshot. The difference is that this time, it's a WEIRD oneshot! The idea came to me late at night, so I sat down and wrote it. It's unbeta-ed, just as a warning, but if you're not curious yet, let me tell you what it's for.


No. I'm serious.

Anyhow - the fic is under ze cut. It's K+, set somewhere between Rising and Suspicion.

Unusual Fortune )
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I saw "The Crucible" tonight! And wow! The performance was above my expectations! I'll probably be going back for another showing just to see Brennan (playing John Proctor) another time - the kid seriously has talent! After the Highschool's slump in performance last year, I think they've got what looks like a good comeback. Of course Brennan completely stole the show. ^_^ I'm smiling now, but I wasn't the only one crying at the end of that performance.

Blown. Away.

Of course, now Ali also inspired me to start work on a "Teyla caught in a witch hunt" fanfic. I am STRUGGLING against the pull to let it morph into a McKeyla fic. However many holes I bash in it, the Ship just keeps sailing! *sigh*

[I remember several distinctly NOT-McWeir moments back in S2 that, as I watched, I had Jack Sparrow's voice in my head yelling "Stop blowing 'oles in my Ship!!"]

Whooo! Flying high as a kite on sleep deprivation right now. Should probably see to that.

Still - I have this niggling feeling that I should stay up to work on that fic for AnyRei... Bleh. No energy. Maybe something good will come of sleeping on it. She wanted a fic involving McKay and Elizabeth completely cut off from their duties for a length of time? Well, I'm determined to have some sort of whump in there - soooo...

SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERThey're going to get lost in the woods and there will be a river and Elizabeth will find out that virtual reality can be very real...[/SPOILER]

...but actually I just wanted to do a scene with somebody having to give mouth-to-mouth...*coughs* Wow. Mom? Um... don't read this. It'll ruin your perception of me. ;P

Okay - starting to ramble. Off to bed, then.
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My second day as a 16-year-old! Muahahahaha!

Doesn't feel all that different, really...

I believe I mentioned previously that I was going to be reposting some of my fanfic here. The next one is my SG-1 fic. Well, I'm feeling too lazy to actually copy, reformat, and repost it - so here's the link to the story as posted on fanfiction.net:

Take Care
Summary: Oneshot - Takes place between Meridian and Revelations. Jack is having a rough time dealing with Daniel's death, and it's hard when the halls are so empty.

And my Rodney/Miko story is coming along nicely, too! Almost done in fact! Can't post it until December, though. *tear* =P


Oct. 17th, 2006 01:16 am
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Okay. This is kinda redundant, but I figured "Hey, I've posted my fanfiction in how many places? One! How about Livejournal?"

So I did. At least, one of them. I'm gonna repost them in their original order, so the oldfic of the day, it seems, is...

Nox In Socks )


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