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Amidst a swamp of pre-finals work, I have dug up many an old text document in the dusty corners of my computer's hard drive. Many of these are random snatches of fanfic or plot outlines and such...

I am completely resigned to the fact that most of them will never be written, not by me at least. But I can't quite throw them away, so I had an idea.

Warning - LONG post! ) Like I said, you can change the fandoms around, so even if you have never seen Early Edition or aren't into Stargate, there are possibilities there, I hope. ;)

(Many, many surprised happy hugs to whoever managed to read all of that)
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Don't you hate it when you find a little scrap of story that might have been going somewhere and then you don't know what to do with it, but it's too good to throw away?

I have lots of those. I never get past the intro.

But they're kinda fun to read, even though they're only a couple paragraphs each and dead-end.


Here are some of my favorites.
Even if you're not really interested, it's worth reading the one with the cows. )
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And now, for the most horrifying "use" of metaphor (more like "utter devastation" of metaphor, really) known to mankind.

This prose is so purple that it makes Twilight look comparable to Jane Austen. 0_0

"Her face had the fragrance of a gibbous moon"...

MUH? 0_o sniffy...*twitch*...moonrock...
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I was bored one afternoon - so I thought to myself "Maybe I should go through and make a list of all the music vids I have. Maybe then I can see if there are any I should get rid of to clear up some space..."

Well, I never got that far. I have about 7 fandoms' worth of vids on the computer, but I only managed to get through the SGA folder before I gave up.

However - I also discovered something amusing. If placed in the proper order (first folder - each file in alphabetical order) (second folder - each file in alphabetical order) (third folder...) etc - the titles form what sounds very much to me like some sort of weird poetry!

Of course, I should probably be more worried that since the time of this discovery my vid collection has grown by almost one half. I think I currently have something like 400 vids saved-to-disk. Oh well!

To see the Eerily Coherent List/Poem - look Under the Cut! )
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Anybody in the mood for a nonsense poem? I have only one thing to say before your read this: every word of the following has been found, at some point, in a real English dictionary.


1 higglehaggling flibbertigibbet
Went huggermuggering the scribbledehobble.
2 zigzagging chugaluggers went a-guggling,
With riffraff and chiffchaff and econobabble.


3 gaggling gogglers
Giggled and hobnobbed
In woolloomooloo
With a toomatoogooroo
They gagged and they goggled

Brandysnap whippersnapper
Pentapopemptic unpropped

Slipperslapper williwaw
Swallowwort waterwaw
Shahanshah - Ha!


A poem...

Jun. 12th, 2007 08:24 pm
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Since I didn't finish the challenge *cough*finals*cough*... I'm posting all of the poems from [livejournal.com profile] 100poems onto my regular journal, probably one every few days. Feel free to comment! Please! ^_^

Two Crows

I espy from the outskirts
Of the dustblown pasture
Two crows.

See one dance a cocky jig
To, fro, and about a jagged rock,
Having plucked for himself a morsel,
Stale and salty, from the ground.

But in a tremulous croak,
A single misstep, his presence
Is betrayed.

At once, see how he is set upon by his fellow-
And weaving up in the poplars,
See how they swoop about
Their treacherous chase.

One is too swift,
The other too nimble.

And the dastard crow
Falls under the futile beat
Of his own wings.

At every dive, he is thwarted
From above, then stabbing upward
From below.
See how each time
He overshoots?

Again he turns, again, again
He dips and angles his wings
Sharp into the air,

But at last
Sinks to the ground,
His quarry lost,
And in the end,

Having gained nothing.
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I've been posting poetry on the 100poems community, and after posting this I found that I quite liked it, so I figured "How 'bout I share it on the main journal?"


This is something of a tribute to James Merrill, and specifically inspired by the style of his poem "Charles on Fire", from which I actually borrow my favorite line directly (part of a challenge to include both a line from a particular poem within the inspired piece as well as a reference to the author in the title).

And I'm certain I haven't been the only one to suffer through those droll family reunions in which half of those present hardly know the other half, or perhaps know them to the point of complete disinterest... I suppose that I ought to stop rambling and give you the poem, eh?

1962 Water Street Reunion

In the interim which followed
Andrew's green falsetto,
We slipped off to the buffet table
With a great deal more finesse
Than generally possible in any
Sorry proximity to such odd fish as blood relations.

Artful small talk eddied from
Pinched face to pinched face, lacking
Contextual depth, but certain insights, no doubt
Regurgitated after a good decade's stewing.
"Without your intellectual and spiritual
Values, man, you are sunk,"
An uncle piped thinly.

Only fragments of ridiculously inconsistant
Philosophy winnowed their
Way round the kitchen corner.
I sighed.
"Maybe some things
Shouldn't be said." I mused,
Noncommittal shrugs were offered in return.

The creaking of folding chairs
Didn't offer much warning
But the talk stopped.

I sighed, eying up Andrew's pickle-green shirt
And assembled a selection of
So-called Hors-d'ovres.


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