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Why do I keep crushing on character old as my dad (or my grandpa...)? Am I just destined not to have a relationship until I'm, like, 40?

Anyways - with apologies to Jack O'Neill, I have replaced my "smirky hot older guy" icon with Jethro Gibbs.

Shocking, I know. But he's just made of so much awesome I couldn't help it!

Not that anything's happening to my background RDA fixation. *pokes MacGyver icons* ;)

Now - I have an empty space. Perhaps Jon Pertwee?

(Real Life PostScript: I had a talk with my roomie and we're...mostly cool now... No worries.)
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I cannot go to sleep, because there is a cat sleeping in the middle of where my feet should go. I'm a bit cramped, and could probably sleep somewhere else, but I'm too tired to move more than it takes to shift my laptop.

Therefore... to the Hulu!

Meanwhile, it's entirely RDA's fault that I've been forced back into using GIMP to make new avatars. I DESPISE GIMP. I miss having Photoshop sooooo much that I haven't made any graphics with this laptop since I got it!

...until now. Dangit, Mac, why'd you have to be so hot?


Did I say that out loud? Must be late. *checks watch* Meh... I've still got a couple hours before daylight. *eyes cat*

Speaking of Cats...
I wanted a suitable icon to put in the comments on Loth's wonderspiffy story... ended up with three, but that's fine by me. They'll be put to good use.

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...in a slightly psychotic and morbidly creepifying way, of course.

But still awesome.
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Okay...sooo... I literally started hyperventilating watching this amazing MacGyver vid on YouTube.

No, seriously, my friend had to come across the hall and keep me from passing out. I'm not sure if I actually managed to form a sentence to tell her what I was squee-ing over!

Weird Al + MacGyver + awesome editing = WINWINWINWIN*OMGpassesout*


And I can watch it as many times as I want. It's now saved to my hard drive. LOL
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They just posted ALL SEVEN SEASONS of MacGyver on Hulu!!!

My sleep-deprived self just got whammied with squee overdose. *dies* ^_^ I never seem to remember how I react to these things, then I catch my sister watching Stargate Season 3 (everyone looked really GOOD in S3) and suddenly realize I'm nearly drooling. Awkward.

Anyways - I thought that this would be nice to bring to the attention of those who do not own all of MacGyver on DVD and want moar. Or perhaps those who are just...like...obsessed. *coughlothcough*

Also - sidenote: I now know how to knit! Yay! Starting with a knitting-newbie project - a scarf. It is exciting but unfortunately bright red.


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