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I saw "The Crucible" tonight! And wow! The performance was above my expectations! I'll probably be going back for another showing just to see Brennan (playing John Proctor) another time - the kid seriously has talent! After the Highschool's slump in performance last year, I think they've got what looks like a good comeback. Of course Brennan completely stole the show. ^_^ I'm smiling now, but I wasn't the only one crying at the end of that performance.

Blown. Away.

Of course, now Ali also inspired me to start work on a "Teyla caught in a witch hunt" fanfic. I am STRUGGLING against the pull to let it morph into a McKeyla fic. However many holes I bash in it, the Ship just keeps sailing! *sigh*

[I remember several distinctly NOT-McWeir moments back in S2 that, as I watched, I had Jack Sparrow's voice in my head yelling "Stop blowing 'oles in my Ship!!"]

Whooo! Flying high as a kite on sleep deprivation right now. Should probably see to that.

Still - I have this niggling feeling that I should stay up to work on that fic for AnyRei... Bleh. No energy. Maybe something good will come of sleeping on it. She wanted a fic involving McKay and Elizabeth completely cut off from their duties for a length of time? Well, I'm determined to have some sort of whump in there - soooo...

SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERThey're going to get lost in the woods and there will be a river and Elizabeth will find out that virtual reality can be very real...[/SPOILER]

...but actually I just wanted to do a scene with somebody having to give mouth-to-mouth...*coughs* Wow. Mom? Um... don't read this. It'll ruin your perception of me. ;P

Okay - starting to ramble. Off to bed, then.
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I was bored one afternoon - so I thought to myself "Maybe I should go through and make a list of all the music vids I have. Maybe then I can see if there are any I should get rid of to clear up some space..."

Well, I never got that far. I have about 7 fandoms' worth of vids on the computer, but I only managed to get through the SGA folder before I gave up.

However - I also discovered something amusing. If placed in the proper order (first folder - each file in alphabetical order) (second folder - each file in alphabetical order) (third folder...) etc - the titles form what sounds very much to me like some sort of weird poetry!

Of course, I should probably be more worried that since the time of this discovery my vid collection has grown by almost one half. I think I currently have something like 400 vids saved-to-disk. Oh well!

To see the Eerily Coherent List/Poem - look Under the Cut! )


Sep. 12th, 2007 02:52 pm
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Several pieces of my fanart have been nommed for the SG-Awards! *bounces happily*

Ja. I love this stuff. This day has been just about perfect. Got my nominations placed, made a ridiculous Teal'c vid to the song "Bald Bunny", drank some Honey Milk Tea...

I guess there's only one thing left to do - find some decent 21 Jump Street fanfic to read tonight! (Decent meaning !&*#-$bleepin!#%^@ NOT slash...)

...nice. When that's the worst rant I have for the day, I know it's a good day. And, of course, Prim is taking off for Texas tomorrow! Sounds like fun, and I almost wish I could go, but then I consider the fact that the heat here can sometimes be enough to make me near-pass out. Then I remember why I'm staying here until, say... January?

I'll probably put in another icon/art post in a bit, too. I figured out how people make those avatars that include a piece of footage from a movie or something... Of course, so far I've only made them for High School Musical. No, wait. There is that one from Indiana Jones. You can see for yourself in a little while, I guess.

For now, I'm gonna see about making some 21JS icons (OMG!PETERDELUISE!SQUEE!) and digging up some more Asian music, which seems to have struck my fancy lately.

Later! ^_^
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More LJ icons!

Again - a few Doctor Who, some Firefly, and a few Atlantis.

Look under for FREE graphics! )You have no idea how hard it is to find screencaps for some of the Classic Who episodes... And I still haven't managed to track any down for some of my favorite eps. Aiya. *sighs*

TV Meme!

May. 14th, 2007 10:44 pm
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This looked like too much fun to pass up, so I gacked it off of [livejournal.com profile] missyvortexdv.

- Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.
- underline the ones you own copies of
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

Stuff I've seen, and maybe you have too! )

That was way more fun than it should have been. ^_^ Heh.
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*FINALLY catches up to bandwagon, hoping that there's still an empty seat*

And what I mean by that is...

I am officially,




Addicted to

Dr. Who.



I'm a bit out of the loop and so on when it comes to the fandom, but I completely understand how it got such a following. And...it's fantastic, to use just the right word.

See? Now all I need to do is start watching Torchwood and maybe I'll understand what it is y'all keep rattling on about! Heh.
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These past few days my brain has been stuck in creative and artistic high gear. I've done a bunch of icons, written poetry, composed several new songs, and had an overabundance of plotbunnies which I will (sigh) probably never write...

Anyhow - here's a McWeir cartoon I've already posted on Central, but I might as well put up here... I am quite proud of it.

And I also have a mini miscellaneous icon dump ) including Rodney, Jack O'Neill, Zelenka, Major Lorne, Torri Higginson, Chauvelin, Firefly, some trees, and a bunny rabbit.

I might post some poetry or something later...
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Okay, so this time I'm posting the geekyness ones!

I've got several for Atlantis, and some strange Firefly crossoveryness going on in my head, I think... no...I'll save that for another post. (Rodney/River photo manips. What am I thinking?)

Some McWeir, some general SGA-ness... a couple funny ones.

Also - a few SG-1 icons (SJ, Danny, SamCam... yes, I know it's scandalous to have SamCam and SJ in the same post. 0_0)

Other fandoms: one Moulin Rouge icon (Christian), one Firefly icon (River), and one X-files icon (Mulder)

General geekiness in here )
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My good friend Alissa, known here as [livejournal.com profile] piraticalpoole, and I yesterday got it into our heads that "Hey! It's Thanksgiving in Canada! We should celebrate!"

So last night my dad made a night run to the grocery store - 1 AM and Alissa and I were still up to help put them away. All the usual fixin's: turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, pumpkin...

Of course, what we were really having a party for wasn't so much Canada itself (although we love Canadians, northern weather and all that) as it was our very favorite Canadian production - STARGATE!!

So there we are the next morning, crackin' McKay jokes like there's no tomorrow, trying and failing embarassingly to sing "O Canada"...

Honest to say - it's been an absolute hoot. There was a slight mishap in the kitchen involving overly-soupy pumpkin pie and a tremendouly uncooked splat. It was all good though, the second pie turned out better than the first one would have (we forgot the cinnamon the first time! *gasp*!)

Dinner was a hit. Everyone was in a good mood. Alissa and I had some nice banter (who's better, David Hewlett or Paul McGillion?) and there was CHEESE. Between the semi-holiday spirit, as laced with unpatriotic guilt as it was, and incessant watching and quoting of Stargate Atlantis and a smattering of Firefly just for kicks:


*net-hugs family & Alissa* I LOVE YOU GUYS!

----- P.S. Check out my website http://bluebell.bookloaf.net/ - I gave it a makeover. Plus it has icons! ^_^


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