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We were speaking English, I swear!

"UST is as essential to flangst as whumpage is to a good H/C, unless the source of angst is outside of the ship, OT3, etc. Arguably, some H/C fic doesn't actually include character whump or physical injury, but just focuses on the aftermath of a canon event. And then there's crossovers to avert character death... but I'm getting off topic..."

"You forgot about RST."

"Okay, so I'm ignoring RST, violent smut, and canon ships which are inherently angst-ridden, but still..."

"Can I put in a word here for dark crackfic?"

"It exists?"

"Okay, so most of them are lemons."

"You read lemons?"

"You read that PWP I sent you."

"Yeah, but I don't spend my time reading crossover slash. That's just...ew. I'm not even getting into that argument right now, though, so... "

"That's not fair. I don't just do M/M pairings. I also like some het and teamfic. And my OTP isn't slashy."

"Yeah, well, stop claiming that every ship I like is AU and I'll put some gen drabbles in your stocking. How's that?"
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I think I have a submission for FAIL Blog.

So, I couldn't find the DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but I've been going through all of the movies before I hit the theater some time this week (I hope) for # 6...

Anyways - I gave up looking for it and figured "Well, hey! Someone must have posted it online anyways" and started hunting.

I found a pirate upload on Tudou.

Part one is here... but to my astonishment and great amusement, they had uploaded it with the FBI warning intact!

Somehow I get the feeling that the uploader either cannot read English (noting the Chinese subtitles)... or they appreciate the irony.

Anyways, I thought that deserved at least an honorable mention for Fail.

Even if it does out me as, if not aiding, at least abetting criminal activities. 0_0
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There's this spoof of Rising that someone did using video clips from the episode and audio clips from commentaries throughout Season One. It is freaking hilarious! I love this thing, [livejournal.com profile] piraticalpoole and I even have it memorized!

One of us will be like "Your world is strange to me!" and the other will say the next line "Where is my granola bar?"... which...well...

You're just gonna have to see it. Trust me. You'll be quoting it too. ^_^ *snirkle*

It was up on YouTube for a while,but since that is no longer an option, the WMV file can be found at:

TurboUpload - SGA Rising Spoof

Just trust me on this. It's totally family friendly if you're worried, but... SO funny.


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