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Don't you hate it when you find a little scrap of story that might have been going somewhere and then you don't know what to do with it, but it's too good to throw away?

I have lots of those. I never get past the intro.

But they're kinda fun to read, even though they're only a couple paragraphs each and dead-end.


Here are some of my favorites.
Even if you're not really interested, it's worth reading the one with the cows. )
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I have a deep and unyielding loathing for the Twilight books. Honestly, I've seen writing ten times better than that in mainstream romantic fanfiction. Not to mention that the protagonist freaks me out by being obsessed with death. I also want to punch her lights out for insulting my home State every other paragraph.

I was dragged along with my frighteningly obsessed friend for the midnight showing. I had a surprisingly good time, since we met some other people who were being dragged along against their wills and we got along quite well! Also - we got on the news because we were in Portland, Oregon and they had some of the local actors in the movie come around to talk to the fans and see the show.

But I still think Edward is extremely unattractive. Even the stalker dudes looked better than him. And that's just sad. The hottest guy in the movie was Billy Burke, IMO. My friend thought it was weird that I was fangirling over Bella's dad. Heh. Serves her right for falling in love with a dead thing.


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