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There's this Master vidbunny (using the song "Still Alive") that's been plaguing me since I saw LotTL... it's one of those ones that yanks your brain away from other things so constantly that it not only could be done, but MUST be done.

...hence the Aaaaaaah! I can't wait for the weekend! This vid would only take a few hours, unlike my other half-hearted projects sitting around. Four hours, tops, I swear! Hear that, brain-bunnies? Now leave me alone!
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I finally found some songs that actually fit for a McKeyla vid! *is thrilled* ...I probably shouldn't add another project right now, but...! It's practically begging to be done! I'll probably end up using either "Eric's Song" or "Unwritten Letter #1", both by Vienna Teng. That'll be next after I finish:

3 McWeir vids (Touched, Prelude 12-21, and Vindicated)

2 Humor vids (the audio track to "Charlie the Unicorn", Little April Showers)

2 McKay/Team vids (Disconnected, Stars)

1 McCarter vid (Hey Pretty)

1 Faramir vid [LOTR] (Open Wounds)
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Tada! Introducing Stargate Atlantis vid numero dos!

You Did A Good Thing
Character/Pairing: Carson Beckett, smatterings of Perna and Teykett
Song: You Did A Good Thing by Sleepthief (not Eurydice, silly me, that's another song! ^_~ )
Clips: Up to "Misbegotten", Season 3


I has McWeir smileys! Theyz cute, yes? On New Years I gave Rodney a hat. I suppose that works for other party stuff, too.


I suddenly have the unrelated urge to read "League of the Scarlet Pimpernel" and then go watch [i]Pirates of Penzance[/i]. Go figure.
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Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I would blame finals, term papers, and all that fun stuff. But truthfully all my time has been eaten (alive and in good cheer) by McWeir.com! I love those guys... [insert fond smile here]

ALSO: Turns out that my computer was harboring not only Photoshop, but a movie maker as well! I think I screamed pretty loud when I first got it to work - just ask Prim!

Hence - my first vid ever! Pleeeeeease tell me what you think!

Desert Cry
Song: Cry for the Desert - Twila Paris
Subject: Daniel/Sha're
Clips: SG-1 and Stargate Movie
Download: http://d.turboupload.com/d/1312191/DesertCry.wmv.html

And I'm already working on an SGA one for "Hero" by AIK. Huzzah!


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