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An apple a day... may come in useful when the Bill Fernys of life pop their ugly faces out from behind the hedge.


I need a metaphorical Samwise right now. Or at the very least an occasional Stanley Spadowski.
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It's been an absolutely mad week. And tomorrow I'm diving into another mad week. February never looked so good!

Thank God for my online friends, plus there are some nice folks in the dorms who popped in for a brief visit. Located a laundromat today. Went to laundromat. Yesss! I love feeling clean again. Was stopped twice on the street -- apparently I look charitable. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a little awkward sometimes.

Antigone Now opens Wednesday for students, then Thursday/Friday/Saturday for everyone else. I'm really trying not to panic now. The cast (and our beloved director) could use some prayer right now!

On the bright side - my affinity for graphic design has finally come in handy. Did quite a lot regarding set and props. Huzzah! I might take pictures of the crest I made for Anachronistic-Modern!Thebes. It's pretty sweet.


Jan. 12th, 2010 01:23 am
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Aaaaaa! They got 10 to say "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!"

*has mad attack of geek-flail*

Youtube Link

Pure crack. In a good way! Oh, I'm gonna miss Ten.

(And as for the Doctor's musical abilities... um... not sure what to say here, except that he hasn't gotten better with age. Might have more luck with a recorder...) ^_<

I wish I could have been at the event they filmed this for!
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So, there's this person who's fic I've been reading for a while, and I was thinking of friending them. I'm scanning their LJ page and being amazed at the number of tags that tie into some of my more obscure interest sets, then I mis-read one... "tag:john wycliffe" And I gave this huge guffaw and loudly said "No way! John Wycliffe is in their tags?!"

It was sort of disappointing when I re-read it and it actually said "tag:john winchester".

...sad day.

I am such a nerd sometimes.

...and another Meme )
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Beige Puppy! *huggles*

Taking a break from homework stress. I checked up on LJ and Facebook, and suddenly thought... "I should make more Fivey icons!" Unfortunately, my conscience kicked me back into submission, so I am posting this instead as a sort of I O U.

Back to work...
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I finally have given up on the crazy roomie of doom. My other roommate and I are done taking crap for stuff we didn't do. Talking to the housing manager today and moving to a different apartment.

I'm kind of relieved, but also a little annoyed... it's gonna be a pain moving the bed.
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Did you see the news? Global warming is a hoax! I already knew that.

But more importantly: I have survived the swine flu!

Do I at least get a T-shirt?

Alas, no. However, I do get to add it to my growing list of near-misses. It's a wonder I'm alive at all, really. Anyways - got back to the apartment just in time to use up those parsnips I bought a week ago. Yummy stew is now on the stovetop, and I'm hoping that my classes haven't gotten totally beyond me while I was snoozing around, coughing, and watching the Fifth Doctor run around the television screen.

Also - being sick for a week has done it. I didn't think it was physically possible, but I am now sick of tea. And coffee. And any hot drink really.

Germs are stupid.

But life goes onward! Time is unstoppable! Haha!

*trundles off toward the kitchen*
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Made hand-roll sushi last night. White rice, cider vinegar, celery, carrot, and cream cheese.

Yummm. I refridgerated them and cut them this morning for today's bento. Sadly, I have no pictures, but they were very tasty and filling. Proud of my first time making sushi. (Thank you, Youtube!)


Also, I found/modified a very good recipe for quick, relatively healthy, chocolate chip cookie-ish things. I had no eggs, butter, time, an oven that works, or an electric mixer... but I think they turned out very good. I'll post the recipe later tonight. (Once I figure out what it was! LOL)

Oh yeah, and random song lyrics which I feel obligated to post because I stole some of them from Clocket's evil subconscious.

I am not normally this creepy )
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Okay, so I haven't made it yet, but I am planning Whovian geek!bento some time this november, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas or suggestions. Materials, pictures, whatever...

Right now I've only got two plans - A Three/Jo bento with eggplant and coconut (with TARDIS dessert), and a veggie-chicken Sgt. Benton bento (because it had to be done) with an alien monster dessert.

They will not be in plastic containers, because I don't want a Nestene consciousness interrupting my dinner.

Any ideas? Good recipes? Bentos you want to see?
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ac-ti-vate the mag-ne-tron!


Happy Halloween everyone!


"It's worse than that, Jim, his brain is gone!"

^^^^ No one can say it quite like DeForest Kelley.
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I just did the dumb and tried to pull two all-nighters in a row...

Doesn't work so great. I passed out in the living room some time around 5 this morning and thankfully my roomie was noisy enough to wake me up an hour before my first class.

On the bright side, I have amassed about 30 pages of solid handwritten notes on Talcott Parsons. My Sociology professor will be so proud (I hope). This essay is going to be epic, if that can be said of an essay on a dead sociologist and proponent of outmoded theories.


I hope no one else wanted to write about him, because I managed to check out every book the school library had that even mentioned the guy.

Mrg. Brain finally decided that 3 hours-ish is not enough sleep to account for 48 hours of school and houseework. (Not entirely true - I did take a break to shower yesterday and spent an hour working on my explodey multi-chapter Doctor Who fic)...

Feeling strangely content at the moment, despite realizing that rationally I should be a big stressy mess right now. Yum. Thanks for the chocolate, Mom. 'Tis good. (and full of chili peppers, which proved inspirational, since the Master will be wearing one on his lapel in the aforementioned fic)

And now, it is time to go hem a dress. I wish all my friends the very best in their weekly pursuits.

This is Ev, signing out. ;D
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Why do I keep crushing on character old as my dad (or my grandpa...)? Am I just destined not to have a relationship until I'm, like, 40?

Anyways - with apologies to Jack O'Neill, I have replaced my "smirky hot older guy" icon with Jethro Gibbs.

Shocking, I know. But he's just made of so much awesome I couldn't help it!

Not that anything's happening to my background RDA fixation. *pokes MacGyver icons* ;)

Now - I have an empty space. Perhaps Jon Pertwee?

(Real Life PostScript: I had a talk with my roomie and we're...mostly cool now... No worries.)
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Okay, so my roomie's boyfriend is always hanging around the apartment, even when she's not here. Also - he's a neat freak, always "tidying" things when I'm not around. Normally, I'm able to ignore this as a minor inconvenience/tolerable annoyance.

Sometimes it really gets on my nerves, but I keep my mouth shut for my roomie's sake.

But this time... he has crossed. the. line. X(


Down the drain

And into the garbage

While I was at a 1-hour long class...

And I hadn't had my morning caffeine, because I hadn't had time to drink it before running out the door.

So I come back, expecting a well-brewed cup of tea on the counter, and hoping the day will start looking up...

Only to find that he dumped it. Because it was "sitting out on the counter"...


IT WAS BREWING YOU FLIPPING IDIOT! The cup was still hot, there was already sugar in it, it was FULL, for cryin' out loud...

I am sooooo mad right now. Another cup of tea brewing, but it's too late. If he ever touches my tea again, I WILL do bad, horrible, painful things to him with a sharp implement.

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We were speaking English, I swear!

"UST is as essential to flangst as whumpage is to a good H/C, unless the source of angst is outside of the ship, OT3, etc. Arguably, some H/C fic doesn't actually include character whump or physical injury, but just focuses on the aftermath of a canon event. And then there's crossovers to avert character death... but I'm getting off topic..."

"You forgot about RST."

"Okay, so I'm ignoring RST, violent smut, and canon ships which are inherently angst-ridden, but still..."

"Can I put in a word here for dark crackfic?"

"It exists?"

"Okay, so most of them are lemons."

"You read lemons?"

"You read that PWP I sent you."

"Yeah, but I don't spend my time reading crossover slash. That's just...ew. I'm not even getting into that argument right now, though, so... "

"That's not fair. I don't just do M/M pairings. I also like some het and teamfic. And my OTP isn't slashy."

"Yeah, well, stop claiming that every ship I like is AU and I'll put some gen drabbles in your stocking. How's that?"
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Still up, kept hoping Alex would come back tonight.

No luck.

The whole apartment complex feels very empty. At home Dad was always up at these hours, and I would hear occasional movement - someone going to the bathroom, something.

It used to bug me. Now I'm kind of wishing these walls weren't so sound-proofed.

Gah. Should stop reading fanfic and get some sleep.

But this is a bloody amazing crossover.
Browncoat, Green Eyes

River/Harry FTW!

(and possibly Peeves/hyperdrive if your feeling cracky)
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I've been wound a bit tight lately, and then pile on top of that getting sick and missing two days of class. While it wasn't really crucial, it did mean I don't have time to go home this weekend, and since Naomi and Alex were gone for two days, I didn't see anyone for over two days straight.

Played Michael Card and Rich Mullins on repeat all day (thank you sooo much for those CDs, Mom!) and tried to slog through some of the homework now that I'm feeling better enough to see straight.

I kept feeling lonely and going "Oh, I'll just go online and check up on..."?

And then I kinda realized that I've been so busy with just trying to deal with all the stuff, everyday, paperworky, choresy stuff that I've lost any meaningful place in many of the online communities I used to frequent. I went back and didn't recognize the named, didn't recognize the topics... I went to Facebook and no one was on, nobody's e-mailing me back except my mom (occasionally), and I can't make it to church tomorrow.

I went over to the MacGuire building and hid out in the keyboard lab for a good half an hour. Got a bit sick feeling at the sound of the electronic keyboards, popped in on a skit performance the drama kids were doing (I'd kinda missed out on the info for the meeting, although I couldn't have gone anyways because I was sick). Enjoyed it but felt a bit too obvious in the tiny crowd of people who had come to see their friends perform. Eventually headed back.

More homework. Saw Alex briefly, but she's gone again. Home for all I know.

Okay. Now I sound like I'm throwing a pity party.

Guess I just needed to get that out there.

Hugs to y'all.

The One With Chronic Lurkalotosis
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Guys Who Are Better Than Edward Cullen # 2: Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice

Okay, so I admit this one was a given, since Darcy pwns all (except Faramir, IMO) but it had to be said! ;D

In other news, my best friend (who has been living with us for the past year or so) just moved back out. It all feels a bit surreal, having her room empty across the hall. I'm kind of glad that I'm moving out to go to college in a week or so. I figure being crammed into an apartment with two high-energy roommates will definitely counteract any emptiness I might be experiencing now.

Also - we've decided to read the Harry Potter books together book-club-style to make sure that we keep regular contact.
Yeah, Facebook!
And melatonin tablets. Melatonin is also good for things, like actually sleeping. ;D
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I saw some other people doing this a while ago, and, in the style of a meme, I follow.

Because regardless of how hot he is (which he isn't, really) he's still a skinny little paedophelic, creepy, oh - and did I mention - dead stalker.

Also, let's not forget that he doesn't have a soul.

As an aside - the order of these guys means pretty much nothing. You can always make suggestions, too! ;D

Guys who are better than Edward Cullen # 1: Faramir from The Lord of the Rings

Anyone else wanna play? ;D
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I think I have a submission for FAIL Blog.

So, I couldn't find the DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but I've been going through all of the movies before I hit the theater some time this week (I hope) for # 6...

Anyways - I gave up looking for it and figured "Well, hey! Someone must have posted it online anyways" and started hunting.

I found a pirate upload on Tudou.

Part one is here... but to my astonishment and great amusement, they had uploaded it with the FBI warning intact!

Somehow I get the feeling that the uploader either cannot read English (noting the Chinese subtitles)... or they appreciate the irony.

Anyways, I thought that deserved at least an honorable mention for Fail.

Even if it does out me as, if not aiding, at least abetting criminal activities. 0_0
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So, I'm having an insane end of term. Two teachers whacked off finals week last minute and bumped everything in to the week just before. So next week is essentially my last, even though the term's not technically out.


Anyways - it's been insane trying to essay like mad to make up for lazy instructors... but enough of that rant. The point is my brain's about ready to fall out of my head and I was literally punching things in my room with cabin fever this afternoon.

So I finally broke down and went out to see Wolverine tonight. It was last-minute, so I got there (thanks for the ride, Mom!) half an hour before the last showing and decided to peek in on another movie until my show started. Night at the Museum 2 was starting, so that was a nice diversion, and I figure that it might be worth renting once its out on DVD, although I wouldn't pay $10 to see it in theaters.

Wolverine was epic, by the way. I only have a vague secondhand knowledge of the X-men universe beyond the movies, so from some of the reviews I've read that may have helped me to enjoy it more. Well, that and I was severely stressed out. Watching lots of stuff blow up and people out to kill each other, etc, etc was kind of therapeutic. Weirdly.

Plus, the special effects were sweet, there were lots of moments that made me laugh (if not all traditionally funny), and some fun cameo-ish parts with other recognizable characters. Oh yeah - and I officially want that soundtrack. All in all, it was a total blast, and now I have the strong desire to go read masses of fanfic before bed.

I feel odd saying it, but I actually feel sort of refreshed.

Not gonna think about more work until tomorrow. ;D


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