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Amidst a swamp of pre-finals work, I have dug up many an old text document in the dusty corners of my computer's hard drive. Many of these are random snatches of fanfic or plot outlines and such...

I am completely resigned to the fact that most of them will never be written, not by me at least. But I can't quite throw them away, so I had an idea.

Maybe I can't see these stories come to fruition, but maybe I can throw them out there and see if any of my writer friends can feel inspired or maybe even want to snurch the entire snippet/plot idea?

So: Dubbed the FREE BOX, in the giving spirit of the December season (maybe), I will be posting a few of these every now and then. Feel free to take any/every liberty with whatever might catch your fancy. Change the fandom, change the entire thing, steal a single line and write a drabble, whatever.

I may be horrible at writing, but it would be amazing if someone else could get some use out of my brain's ADD creativity. A note: these are copied-pasted directly from my computer as I found them, so... they may be wordy. I'll try to keep it down to three or four at a time.

------ Starting with these ------


-SJ- (note: This can be altered to suit XFiles: MSR, SGA: McKeyla, McWeir, Sheyla etc, DW? Sanctuary?

Don't Touch The Water:
Via casual stream/lake/sea/etc. crossing, Jack gets snaked. Lots of interesting internal debate. Carter can't sense it! (Jack does some prying of his own into snakey's mind and discovers that his kind were banished for voluntarily carrying a disease which can kill other Goa'uld - those with naquadah - nearly instantaneously.) Snake doesn't enjoy this particular breakthrough on Jack's part and decides it's payback time. He doesn't want to be discovered for what he is before reaching Earth, though, so he opts for a different kind of torture. Lots of internal J angst, as snake starts playing headgames with Carter. S, J, and SJ angsting ensues. Return to the SGC, where snake, having Jack in perfectly good health, remains undetected through checkups. More Sam headgames, and some with Daniel. Snake is wary of Teal'c. Goes to Jack's house. Later calls up Carter and says there's something very important he needs to tell her that can't be said over the phone. Deflecting any questions, he gets her to come over. More J panic, can't tell what the snake is planning. Sam comes over, snake dredges up some old thoughts of things Jack's wanted to say to her but couldn't. Says them, much to her shock, and proceeds to kiss her. Sam is in shock. Slightly warped SJ scene with Jack screaming silently. Sam in shock. Snake takes the moment while she remains on the couch in a daze to quietly secure every available exit from the room. Sam makes her own confession. Goa'uld finally shows itself for what it is, much to her shock. Pulls out Jack's beretta and makes as if to shoot her, but Jack manages to convince it that that would be a bad move. Instead knocks her out (athough she puts up quite a fight), ties her up, and puts her in the back seat of his pickup. Opens a small thermos that was mentioned way back on the planet and a brown (yes, brown) snake pokes its head out and looks her over. 'How do you like her, sister?' Snake taunts Jack about what it's doing before snaking Carter. Wants to get both of them back through the Gate and get back into "Snakehead Circulation" and proceeds to do so, but not only are they wanted for being outcasts, but (obviously) so are Jack and Sam. They are captured by another minor system lord looking for power, who knows exactly how to kill the two snakes, who are wanted dead, and keep Jack and Sam, who are wanted alive. However, as soon and Sam and Jack are...well...themselves, they, obviously, want to get back home. Discussion in the cell both terrified and relieved that they are, once again, themselves. Sam wonders 'the things he said to me, before all this, those weren't anything like how you...' she can't fingure out how to say it, but Jack makes one of those 'you know it' answers and they go on. Another dramatic escape (but pretty much along the lines of 'old business') leads them home once again. Well, almost. Seeing as they have no GDOs, it sort of leads them to the Tok'ra once again. Jack does not enjoy this. They check out clean on the 'snakeless' tests, and are sent home.

Just begs for a touchy-feely sequel, doesn't it?

Out of Deep Waters:
Jack and Sam confront their memories from being snaked.There has to be a nightmare scene of some sort, cake or jell-o consumed by both Sam and Jack and, of course, the obligitory dash of UST must be present. UST, at least, in my story. Let someone else (like Eve8!) do RST.

-Daniel and Jack adventures-

SG-7 gets themselves into a heap of trouble offworld, and SG-1 and SG-3 are sent in on a rescue mission. The Gate is located in the middle of a society strikingly similar to Earth's, and in this case paranoia concerning alien travelers is legitimate. They have experienced "abductions" in the past and, although there IS a military cover-up, they are certain that the Gate is connected to the abductions. SG-7 is successfully extracted, unharmed but drugged out of their minds. However, an unexpected hitch occurs when some of the soldiers in the facility manage to corner and incapacitate Daniel, and then Jack (who will not leave him despite several opportunities in the chaos to take off towards the Gate. He orders Sam and Teal'c back through with SGs 3 and 7, leaving himself and Daniel in a very strange situation. With Daniel unconscious, Jack tries to reason with their captors, but they tranquilize him and soonafter he wakes up with Daniel in a creepily Earthlike cell.
Sort of a..."The military vs. aliens story" with a twisted viewpoint, because Jack and Daniel are human and have a perfectly harmless reason for being on that planet - the planet, people, and military in question are NOT Earth's, and they aren't out to escape into the world, they are just trying to get home...well, until Daniel gets it in his head that they need to help these people stop the real "abductors" (who are not from outer space at all, but would very much like to get their hands on Jack and Daniel. Sort of an NID equivalent)
At some point Jack and Daniel must end up in the general populace trying to blend in and find someone who might help them. Since this world has something similar to the Stargate Program (although much more paranoid, militaristic, and defense-oriented) - there must be someone who knows about it and is more humanitarian and/or sympathetic.
There is at some point a close call where another rescue team is about to come through and is warned off (via radio) by Jack or Daniel that there has been a sort of iris put up across the Gate.
The true abductors must be exposed.
Jack and Daniel must return home with everyone (except for those who helped them) none the wiser that they were from another planet, rather believing that they were either part of their military or defectors of the NID Parallel.

2. Doctor Who -- 4th Doctor, Romana II, 7th Doctor, Ace

Four + Romana II, breaking into crypt

[Giant stone eyeballs (HUGEnormous - multifaceted, granite)]


Romana's hearts nearly stopped in surprise at the Doctor's booming voice suddenly behind her.

[open the door, pushes past and starts wandering around the room (more eyeballs inside)]

"You said we were stopping by a mechanic. This is not a-" she stopped as her foot sunk into something crunchy and probably at one time organic. Looking down with some disgust, she shook bits of crumbled exoskeleton off of her otherwise pristine boots. There was a thud up ahead followed by a great deal of coughing.


The Doctor's mop of curls appeared above one of the giant stone eyeballs. "I do think I've found it." He announced, grinning widely.

[found parts for TARDIS, the bug-creatures were enamoured with plastic, which they could not produce themselves, lacking technological advancement - had an uncanny knack for being right place, right time to collect what were occasionally quite valuable parts for all sorts of machinery "thought it would be a good place to start. People don't just leave a [Gallifreyan technobabblish device] lying around, you know."]

"It appears to be a Obdolezian trigger."

Romana's eyes grew wide. She tucked herself into the enclosure and peered over the Doctor's shoulder. "You haven't touched it, of course," she said, although she wasn't so sure.

The Doctor straightened suddenly, nearly knocking her into the far wall. "Of course not." Moving carefully around the patchy growth along the floor and tile, he sidestepped two strangely places bricks and a relatively obvious tripwire.

Too obvious. Romana noticed before he did, and called out.


There was a loud creaking sound and something large swung over the door, darkening the room for a split second. The floor swung downwards as though it was on a giant string and landed some 18 meters down in what might have been a natural cave.

Romana stared for a second downwards into the spot where the Doctor had just been standing, then scanned the ground around her for any similar traps. There appeared to only be the one, for all the comfort that gave her, which was none at all. She then realized that the Doctor had yet to make any sound since disappearing.

She crept forward, inspecting and testing each step. The room being lit from very high in the walls allowed her to see to the bottom of the pit. A large rope-draped slab of stone sat on it's side, looking ready to topple at any moment. There was no sign of the Doctor at all.

[decided to take him somewhere else. Why? Coz it's more fun that way, also I need an excuse to have natives.]

[booby traps? comical ACK!]

"Doctor?" Romana carefully edged around the copper tile and peered into the hole. Silence answered her. After a moment, she turned around and nearly jumped fell backwards into the pit as an unhappy muffled sound came from the pile of ancient drapery.

"Doctor?" she said again, this time with a note of exasperation. She stepped over to the purplish heap and lifted part of it up. The Doctor's boots poked appeared and began wiggling in frustration. Romana laughed, took a moment to enjoy the silence, and finally heaved the weighty fabric back. DELETE DELETE DELETE

[finally find piece of technology, but hear something --- more booby traps? "I think we'd best be leaving." "Romana, I think we'd better leave." walk out door -- NATIVES ATTACK! YARG! Run back to TARDIS]


"Ah! Yes, this is the place."

"What is it, Professor?"

"Ace, I've told you, it's Doctor. And this just happens to be where we're dropping off the [technobabblish thingamabob]."

"You could have chosen someplace a bit less gloomy."

"Ah, yes, but nowhere quite so safe. You don't find s just lying around, you know. And who knows? I might have needed it some day."

"Hey, look at this! There's a compartment next to this panel!"

"Mind the tile, Ace. You never know when a floor might not be a floor."


Gary tries to save a girl from getting kidnapped, but he's too late, so he pursues the kidnappers out of the state. One failed rescue attempt (which they aren't even aware of) and 2 - the girl escapes and makes a run for it. Gary tries to get to her first, but instead they catch both him and the girl. They're ready to kill him, but the girl implies that Gary is her father, so they keep him along for the ride since their intent is to blackmail the girl's mother (unmarried).

General whumpy funness loosely based on "The Coldest of Hearts" by JackieOneillNut, but without the snow. Probably summer or fall. They spend a lot of time in the truck, not knowing which direction they're going or why. Two days later, they're in Oregon.

Having had nothing to eat but half a granola bar in all that time (from the girl's pocket - she had two and insisted he eat part of one), Gary's pretty faint. The cat has somehow made it into the back of the truck, sans paper, and is asleep next to the girl. It suddenly wakes up as the door opens and two men climb into the truck.

The girl's mother shows up. She is told to reveal the location of certain information that she stole as evidence. In exchange, they will return other 'stolen items'.

Gary watches them walk in, looking ready to shoot anyone who moves. In other words - him. They go over to the girl and haul her up by the armpits. She tries to pull away and they point the gun at her, which goes unnoticed. "Don't be stupid, girl!" yells one of them, and points the gun at Gary. She lets them drag her out of the truck. The cat stays frozen until they're gone, then walks over to the door and meows.

"What? You wanna be let out? Funny."


Right. He goes to the door, checks... it's open? Why would they be so careless as to... he thinks back over the last few moments and figures it out - the men were drunk! The cat meows again. Time to go!


"You have my daughter?" she asks tightly. The guy grins.

"We don't only have your daughter. After all, there's always a chance that one life might not be enough to pay for such valuable information."

She doesn't understand.

"Plus... it's just more fun this way."


Gary tries to figure out where they could have gone. The truck is parked behind a Target (do they have Target's in Illinois?)...not much to go on, there.

Like I said, you can change the fandoms around, so even if you have never seen Early Edition or aren't into Stargate, there are possibilities there, I hope. ;)

(Many, many surprised happy hugs to whoever managed to read all of that)

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This is a good idea. There's a comm for this sort of thing, too - [livejournal.com profile] fandombunnysale, although I don't think it's actually seen any action, but you could try cross-posting there.

However, I have enough bunnies. Keep yours out of my garden, thank you. :lol:

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I like the ginormous stone eyeballs with Four and Romana one - hee!


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