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Nov. 5th, 2009 05:25 pm
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Well, there will be no more icon posts on this journal.

Also - Bluebell Corner (my dead webpage) has been replaced by a link to a photobucket archive of my LJ icons (I suggest using the tags on the left-hand corner, because there are hundreds of them to sort through otherwise).

So far it's mostly been for my own convenience, but I'm just putting the link out there for general notice in case anyone was icon-hunting and wanted to poke through.

The standing "credit" conditions are that I don't really care who uses them, what they use them for and so forth, only that no one claims that they made them. Short of that, it's all cool. :)

Linky: icons by evka
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ac-ti-vate the mag-ne-tron!


Happy Halloween everyone!


"It's worse than that, Jim, his brain is gone!"

^^^^ No one can say it quite like DeForest Kelley.
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Why do I keep crushing on character old as my dad (or my grandpa...)? Am I just destined not to have a relationship until I'm, like, 40?

Anyways - with apologies to Jack O'Neill, I have replaced my "smirky hot older guy" icon with Jethro Gibbs.

Shocking, I know. But he's just made of so much awesome I couldn't help it!

Not that anything's happening to my background RDA fixation. *pokes MacGyver icons* ;)

Now - I have an empty space. Perhaps Jon Pertwee?

(Real Life PostScript: I had a talk with my roomie and we're...mostly cool now... No worries.)
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I got locked out of the house by accident today. After walking home (because I forgot my wallet and therefore the bus was not an option). And no one was home. And did I mention the snow?

I'm not sure if I was getting hypothermic (unlikely) or was just tired, but I actually fell asleep on the deck and woke up an hour later totally frozen and damp. And kinda dizzy, which prompted a visit to the neighbor, who turned out to be very nice company and made me a cup of some of the fanciest cocoa I've had in my life.

So, that actually turned out all right. I'm actually a bit amused at myself for falling asleep sprawled out on the deck. Heck, if everyone had come home that early they might have thought I was dead. (not sure why that's amusing, but it is)

Also - I made this icon. Um...coz I could. And it cracks me up.

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Snirched from [livejournal.com profile] missyvortexdv, and using her table (because I don't know how to make them).

Iconspammage! and fun stuff like that )

Well, that was fun. I have a massive backlog on my iconmaking list. Very sad, but I've been a bit moody about graphics in general since I've been using GIMP. Photoshop, I miss youuuuuuuu! *tear* :(

In other news, Classic Who is back in my fan-diet again. I'm learning to knit, you know, for a good cause and all that. *has squee attack over the Big Scarfy Grin*
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I said I'd be back. Livejournal has been annoyingly magnetic tonight. Since, as I mentioned earlier...kelp. (Stupid oceanography class)

Thankfully, graphics, poetry, vids, and memes are all nice ways of de-stressing.

So here are 5 P&P icons... and a poem. Because poetry is cool.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Poem is thisaway...I Dream )
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Okay, so I know I said that I would tone down the graphics posting, but... I made avatars out of my mathbook doodles!

i can haz icons plz?... )
Aww, they're so cute. ^_^

In other news, my Psychology class was rudely interrupted by extremely loud and uncoordinated electric guitar this morning. Everyone had a hard time continuing to look interested as our partially-deaf Psych teacher rattled on under the noise. I think it was coming from the building across the courtyard from us, but it was hard to tell.

Whoever it was was gone (and so was all the equipment, apparently) before class was dismissed. Mrgh.
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Okies, I'm finally coming around to post those Dr. Who icons I made, like, 6 months ago.

They're mostly Pertwee-era (Love you Mom!), but there's also a couple Four, a couple New Who...

Right In Here! )
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Exactly what it says in the header - a lot more Classic than New Who, but it's sort of an even mix.

I've made a new wallpaper (3rd Doctor), so that's in here with assorted new and old LJ icons for Two, Three, Four, Five, Nine, Ten, and a coupla baddies.

Oh yeah, and I thought I'd throw in some old David Tennant ones (and a wallpaper) I made a while back (they're redundant, but here for the sake of easy archiving).

This link is bigger on the inside. )

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Wow! I feel like I haven't posted here in forever! It was only about a month or so, but that's practically forever in Internet time!

And the sad part is that all I've got to offer at the moment is a batch of a dozen icons for Pretender! And they're almost all Jarod. One has Sydney in it, and I made one for Miss Parker, too...

Anyhow - I promise I'll have some more to say later. Got some vids nearly finished, and I scanned a sketchbook that should be ready to post in a li'l bit.

So, here y'are: New Icon Batch - Jarod! Whoo! )I guess I should probably check up with Central, shouldn't I? Hmmm... should I feel guilty that I'm shipping McKeller?
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I kinda went icon crazy after signing up for this community and completed two challenges in about three days...

Shockingly - the first one's topic: McKeyla, the second one's topic: Teyla (OMGnotMcKay).

Here are the links. For those of you not familiar with [livejournal.com profile] 10variations, it's just what it says on the label. You do 10 icons using variations of the same picture. At the very least, it's keeping me from boredom. LOL

McKay/Teyla icons

10 Teyla icons

...yum. Eggnog.
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Well, it's been a while since I posted graphics on here, so this includes any wallpapers and icons I've made since last post. Again - thumbnails for the wallpapers, so no undue worrying about the fact that there are 6 of them.

Icons include: 12 SGA (either Rodney or some random minor ship), 2 cats, and 1 miscellaneous.

Wallpapers include: 1 Connor Trinneer (aka "Trip" aka "Michael"), 4 SGA Shippy wallpapers (all of which include McKay...go figure), and 1 generic SGA wallpaper.

There be iconage and so forth under yon lj-cut. )
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Alrighty, then! I have... a graphics post!


This time consisting of 20 icons (HSM, 21 Jump Street, SGA, DH, Trip Tucker, Dr. Who...)

And a wallpaper.

This is a very special wallpaper, mind you. It's a wallpaper I promised to make for fififolle a while back and then promptly forgot about. So - apologies for the late delivery. Hope you like. ^_^

I also have a few other wallpapers that I haven't yet posted. I'll probably get to those some time tomorrow or perhaps Friday. *looks at clock, scratches out Friday and writes "the day after that", resolves to stop staying up after midnight*

Well then. Moving on to the Midnight Avatar Splat. )
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Alrighty - here are the icons I was talking about. I would make more of the animated ones, but they take FOREVER! Eventually I'll make some McWeir ones, I figure. Anyhoo... pretty proud of those right now.

This batch includeth... Two Stargate Atlantis icons, seven High School Musical icons, Indiana Jones, and a horsie.

Get'cha Head in the Game! )
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More LJ icons!

Again - a few Doctor Who, some Firefly, and a few Atlantis.

Look under for FREE graphics! )You have no idea how hard it is to find screencaps for some of the Classic Who episodes... And I still haven't managed to track any down for some of my favorite eps. Aiya. *sighs*
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Got a few SGA ones, a couple David Tennant ones, a Summer Glau one, a random flower, and three for the Doctor Who ep "The End of the World".

Anyhoo... they are here. )

Finals are almost over! *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce* ALMOST FREEEEEEE!!!!
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I did a few more icons: Some SGA, two kitties, two NASCAR, some misc flowers/scenery, 3 Doctor Who...

Thar be iconage under this here cut! Icon if ye dare )

In other news...

School is almost out! Yaaaaayyyyy! *sigh* See, I start out every year feeling kind of starved for knowledge - so usually the first couple terms are pretty good, but then somewhere around March I start getting antsy, and by May I'm dying to get out of school. I'm burned out on forced proximity to idiots.

(For instance - my poetry teacher didn't know who Edgar Allen Poe was?!? Unbelievable.)
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I made a batch of icons from some lovely pictures thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fififolle...

I looove the flowers that came out looking moonlit or something. Thanks for lettin' me use the pics, fifi! =D

Oh yeah, and 3 random ocean icons...

Here be pretties! )
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These past few days my brain has been stuck in creative and artistic high gear. I've done a bunch of icons, written poetry, composed several new songs, and had an overabundance of plotbunnies which I will (sigh) probably never write...

Anyhow - here's a McWeir cartoon I've already posted on Central, but I might as well put up here... I am quite proud of it.

And I also have a mini miscellaneous icon dump ) including Rodney, Jack O'Neill, Zelenka, Major Lorne, Torri Higginson, Chauvelin, Firefly, some trees, and a bunny rabbit.

I might post some poetry or something later...
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Keedokie... I have 5 new McWeir icons (and they are VERY pretty, let me tell you!), one gate icon, a puddlejumper, and Agent Barrett... because he has freckles. ^_^


Soooo happy with how these came out! )


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