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OMG these are soooo cute!


Also, these are very strange but cute in their own peculiar way:

Doctor Whoo Magnets

I kinda like 'em. ;D
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Okies, I'm finally coming around to post those Dr. Who icons I made, like, 6 months ago.

They're mostly Pertwee-era (Love you Mom!), but there's also a couple Four, a couple New Who...

Right In Here! )
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Exactly what it says in the header - a lot more Classic than New Who, but it's sort of an even mix.

I've made a new wallpaper (3rd Doctor), so that's in here with assorted new and old LJ icons for Two, Three, Four, Five, Nine, Ten, and a coupla baddies.

Oh yeah, and I thought I'd throw in some old David Tennant ones (and a wallpaper) I made a while back (they're redundant, but here for the sake of easy archiving).

This link is bigger on the inside. )

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There's this Master vidbunny (using the song "Still Alive") that's been plaguing me since I saw LotTL... it's one of those ones that yanks your brain away from other things so constantly that it not only could be done, but MUST be done.

...hence the Aaaaaaah! I can't wait for the weekend! This vid would only take a few hours, unlike my other half-hearted projects sitting around. Four hours, tops, I swear! Hear that, brain-bunnies? Now leave me alone!
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Alrighty, then! I have... a graphics post!


This time consisting of 20 icons (HSM, 21 Jump Street, SGA, DH, Trip Tucker, Dr. Who...)

And a wallpaper.

This is a very special wallpaper, mind you. It's a wallpaper I promised to make for fififolle a while back and then promptly forgot about. So - apologies for the late delivery. Hope you like. ^_^

I also have a few other wallpapers that I haven't yet posted. I'll probably get to those some time tomorrow or perhaps Friday. *looks at clock, scratches out Friday and writes "the day after that", resolves to stop staying up after midnight*

Well then. Moving on to the Midnight Avatar Splat. )
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More LJ icons!

Again - a few Doctor Who, some Firefly, and a few Atlantis.

Look under for FREE graphics! )You have no idea how hard it is to find screencaps for some of the Classic Who episodes... And I still haven't managed to track any down for some of my favorite eps. Aiya. *sighs*
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Got a few SGA ones, a couple David Tennant ones, a Summer Glau one, a random flower, and three for the Doctor Who ep "The End of the World".

Anyhoo... they are here. )

Finals are almost over! *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce* ALMOST FREEEEEEE!!!!
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I did a few more icons: Some SGA, two kitties, two NASCAR, some misc flowers/scenery, 3 Doctor Who...

Thar be iconage under this here cut! Icon if ye dare )

In other news...

School is almost out! Yaaaaayyyyy! *sigh* See, I start out every year feeling kind of starved for knowledge - so usually the first couple terms are pretty good, but then somewhere around March I start getting antsy, and by May I'm dying to get out of school. I'm burned out on forced proximity to idiots.

(For instance - my poetry teacher didn't know who Edgar Allen Poe was?!? Unbelievable.)


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