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Served hot chocolate to the homeless tonight! It was pretty cool. It's great finding so many kind and genuine people forming their own community, surviving. It makes me want to do more to help them, especially after hearing so many stories and seeing how thankful they were for something as simple as something hot to drink. I will definitely be going back out with the street ministry group on campus.

I also started back up at [livejournal.com profile] 100poems. Life is a little bit crazy right now, in many good ways, but also a few more confusing ones that still need to work themselves out...

Anyways, poetry is a good way to get stuff out there, so... you all will now have the opportunity to read a daily poem of wildly varying quality for the next 100 days! No worries. I'll put it under a cut so it doesn't spam your flist.
(Also, don't worry if they're terribly emo. It isn't necessarily a reflection on my personal/current state-of-being.)

Day One, Poem 1/100 (Untitled)

I feel as though I've failed
Every time he's there beside me
Just by chance, by accident,
A meeting in the hallway
Eating lunch, indoors, outdoors,
And always I
I say nothing
Eyes averted
I am failing
The test is one of self-control,
My fear is my outspeaking -
A habit of saying, now I'm not saying
I feel as though I love...
He's there beside me
Just by chance, a meeting
And still I struggle to be true
(Truly I do)
As a friend might be
(To be a friend)
As a friend only
And to love more strongly than
A passing glance,
(Romance was never healthy, so they say)

I pray I haven't failed
I want to be unlonely
I want to honestly,
Steadfastly care, each time he's there
And just by chance, by accident,
By God, perhaps
By love,
Become his friend.
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